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Wave Company at Viva Tech 2023, awarded 2nd place in the health tech field

CEO of Wave Company, Nancy Cho speaking in front of a group at a Swisstech booth above Elecsil

Wave Company (CEO Nancy Cho), a company specializing in smart textiles, participated as a representative of Korea at "Viva Technology 2023" held in Paris, France. They announced that they took second place in the field of "My Global Village: Health Tech Solution."

At this start-up event, the largest in Europe, only one company per country can participate in each field. Wave Company received great attention from people in charge of each country for its new concept in the health tech technology industry.

At this event, Wave Company introduced Wavewear, a next-generation sportswear that increases mobility and prevents injuries just by wearing it. Their smart textile technology directly coats the inside of the fabric with conductive silicone in the form of very thin electrodes and wires.

Smart textile technology is highly popular and useful because the silicon thinly adheres to the inside of clothes so that the wearer cannot feel the shape of silicon when when on the body, thereby making it comfortable to wear and flexible to any movement along with achieving excellent durability. Wavewear is currently on sale in 6 countries including Korea.

Nancy Cho, CEO of Wave Company, said, "Starting with smart textile technology applied with conductive silicon technology, we will accelerate our entry into the global market by launching more diverse e-textile and digital healthcare products."

Wave Company has been recognized for its technological prowess before by showing its scalability in the gaming and medical industries. They introduced their Smartwear ElecSuit using the new material ElecSil at ‘SLUSH 2022’, Europe’s largest startup conference in 2022.


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