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Our Distributions


Mikasa is the world's No. 1 volleyball brand.

Mikasa Volleyball has been used as the official match ball for the Olympic Games since 1963.

FIVB has designated Mikasa as its official match ball. 

Mikasa Volleyball is used in the most competitive matches. 


D&M is one of Japan's oldest sports companies founded in 1902. 

It is a multinational company that entered the United States at the same time as it was founded. 

They insist on producing their own protective gear with their own knitting machines. Currently, world-famous sports teams are using D&M products for rehabilitation and competition. 


Smart Shake was released in 2009.

It is made for gym goers and body builders. 

It Is made of non-toxic plastic that is safe for the human body while enduring high heat or freezing temperatures. 

It also includes functional trunks to carry protein powder or shakes. 

Active people can have a more energetic day through Smart Shakes.


Jaybird & Mais, Inc. was founded in Lawrence, Massachusetts in April of 1985 as a manufacturing company focused on adhesive coated products and tapes for the shoe, industrial and sporting goods industries. The firm was founded by Jerry Garfield and Norman Mais.

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