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YTN news, Introduction to WaveWear and Smartwear Technology Coverage

The news article from YTN News introduces WaveWear in the context of the growing global attention to 'K-Sports', akin to the popularity of 'K-Pop' and 'K-Food'. The article highlights a major domestic exhibition showcasing the current and future state of the South Korean sports industry.

The report mentions a startup that has developed fiber sensors to measure movement, which are incorporated into sportswear and protective gear. This innovation was recognized with an award in the Digital Health category at CES, the world's largest electronics and IT exhibition, held in January.

The exhibition, known as SPOEX, started in 2001 and has become one of Asia's top three sports and leisure industry exhibitions. This year, it featured over 350 companies representing the domestic sports industry.

Special attention was given to the upcoming Paris Olympics and Paralympics, with a dedicated pavilion showcasing new official sports like breaking (breakdancing) and recent popular sports like professional billiards. Prominent players in these fields were highlighted to promote 'K-Billiards'.

Additionally, the exhibition included a sports industry job fair, connecting companies with future workers in the sports sector. The government aims to grow the country's sports industry revenue from 78 trillion won in the previous year to 100 trillion won by 2027.

For a more detailed understanding and specific information about the section between 50 seconds and 1 minute 6 seconds of the linked video, it is recommended to visit the source: YTN News Article.


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