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Taping Therapy Tech

바크로우즈_누끼 Sportswear brand WaveWear's Knee & Calf Tape Compression Leggings L20 on a runner

Our adhesive silicone recreates the design and effect of kinesiology tape, we have applied it to compression to create the ultimate sportswear. 


Sportswear Brand WaveWear's Elbow Sleeve E2 being used in a workout



Sportswear brand WaveWear's Elbow Sleeve 2E2
Sportswear Brand WaveWear's Men's Knee & Calf Tape Compression Leggings L20,  Men's Active Split Shorts, both being used during a workout



2019.12.13 웨이브웨어 남자 T20 안쪽 뒤(블루 실리콘테이핑).png WaveWear's Back & Shoulders Tape Compression Top T20 Men and Women
와디즈 L20 테이핑 앞 Sportswear brand WaveWear's Knee & Calf Tape Compression Leggings L20
Sportswear Brand WaveWear's Knee & Calf Tape Compression Leggings Y20, Back Tape Padded Shapewear N10 and Elbow Sleeve E2 being worn during a workout



N10-후면테이핑 - Sportswear Brand WaveWear's Back Tape Padded Shapewear N10
Sportswear Brand WaveWear's Knee & Calf Tape Compression Leggings Y20

Kinesiology Tape

support muscles and joints
warm-up faster


Both Benefits in One

relieves muscle pain and fatigue
prevents injury

Clinical Evidence


Best at relieving muscle fatigue by up to 35% compared to traditional compression


Provides 3x more compression on joints, thus supporting more when using them


Participants(aged 65 - 75) experienced 8x more Improvement in movement

How It Works: BWAS

BWAS is body mapped in a waved design to recreate kinesiology tape.

bwas-특성-1 점착성 adhesive.gif - Sportswear Brand WaveWear's BWAS technology applied to fabric
자산 11_4x.png


Effectively mimics kinesiology tape and works well with sweat. 

자산 14_4x.png

Medical Grade

CE Medical Class 1 approved. Non-toxic and safe on the skin. 

자산 17_4x.png

Washable & Reusable

Adhesion is restored after a wash, making the silicone reusable.

11_공통 상세 - Sportwear Brand WaveWear demonstrating the stretching capabilities of fabric when BWAS is applied to it


Feels soft and comfortable on the skin as it is ultra-thin, elastic, and flexible.

상세페이지 -  Sportwear Brand WaveWear demonstrating the breathability of WaveWear fabric when BWAS is applied to it in a striped wave pattern, allowing for more fabric area to be covered by the Bio Waved Adhesive Silicone


Does not peel off nor rip off as the silicone stretches with the fabric.

14P_벽에 붙이는 짤 - Sportwear Brand WaveWear demonstrating the flexibility of WaveWear fabric with BWAS applied to it


Applied in a striped wave pattern allowing more fabric area.

How WaveWear is different

그룹 - Sportswear Brand WaveWear's Calf Tape Compression Leggings Y10 being worn during an aerial workout with silks

Scientifically Proven

Best at relieving muscle fatigue compared to traditional compression


Smart Compression

Provides more support on joints when needed


AutoFit Kinetic Tape

Locates instantly & correctly


Save Money

With washable & reusable taping

Seung-Jae Lee

Asan FC Striker, No. 11

"I felt less tired because my calf swelled less than usual."

충남아산 이승재 선수 Asan FC Striker, No. 11 Seung-Jae Lee wearing WaveWear's Calf Sleeves C2


  • How long can I wear Wavewear?
    When first trying Wavewear, we recommend starting with an hour and then gradually increasing the usage time.This is because the adhesive silicone taping initially feels awkward on the skin and requires some time to get used to. It is the same as how it takes time to get comfortable in newly purchased shoes. Please take in-between breaks when wearing for longer than 5 hours to give your skin some time to rest.
  • Will the adhesive silicone peel off the fabric?
    Silicone won't peel off. Silicone is stretchy, so it moves with the fabric as it stretches, making it non-reelable and non-rippable.
  • Why do I need to moisturize?
    Dry skin may cause irritation as the silicone can cause friction (chafing) and depending on individual's sensitivity, this can cause discomfort to the skin. Moisturizing prevents that and also helps with better adhesion. We recommend using lotion or WaveWear's Anti-Chaf Sport Cream.
  • How do I maintain the adhesiveness?
    In order to maintain adhesiveness, you can hand wash or machine wash as it will help remove dust and restore adhesiveness. However, if you feel like washing isn’t helping as much, we recommend to have it dry cleaned. The most effective way to wash it, is as soon as you can after using it so dust won’t be sitting on the adhesive silicone. How to know whether the adhesiveness is still intact is by feeling it lifting your skin when taking off Wavewear, rather than when touching the silicone by hand.
  • How do I wash WaveWear products?
    For Sleeve Products For BWAS Apparel
  • How can I use BWAS™ on my own product?
    Currently, the two options below are the best ones in an efficiency and economic standpoint. (1) We provide you with a piece of cloth with BWAS on it, in the pattern design of your needs, which can be attached to the final product. (2) You provide us with the fabric that you are to use and we will apply BWAS on it and send it back to you or to your manufacturing factory.
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