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WaveWear is the brand name of clothing and sleeves with compression and built-in kinesiology taping using adhesion bio-silicone technology, BWAS.

Wave Company's mission is to make innovative sportswear that aids human movement. We make professional compression wear with built-in kinesiology taping using our proprietary bio-silicone technology.

Our products are designed to improve your game and help you perform at your best - whether you're an athlete or just someone who wants to look good while they work out. 

We are not a traditional sports apparel company and do not want to be one. Our goal is to create a new category of sports apparel that helps athletes perform better and recover faster by improving their muscle function and blood flow.

We believe that every athlete deserves to feel comfortable in their own skin so they can perform at their best without distraction and any compromise on quality. 

The Concept



  • Supports Muscles & Joints

  • Warm-up faster

  • Relieves muscle pain & fatigue

  • Prevents injury

  • Both benefits in ONE

Why Should You Choose WaveWear?



"I like compression wear, and from the experienceI like compression wear, and from the experience of trying on various products, I have never found a product that is as good as this in terms of functionality.
I ran tiredly as usual, but I still had some strength. It feels like "magic". It seems that I will not be able to wear other compression wear from now on.

WaveWear Benefits


Relieves Muscle Pain

The lifting action of the adhesive bio-silicone relieves pressure on the pain receptors under the skin. 


Speeds Recovery

Enhanced circulation accelerates the removal of waste such as lactic acid in fatigued and overused muscles that limit the ability to continue exercising. 


Reduces Swelling

"I have bad varicose veins in my legs so I often wear compression knee socks. With WaveWear my legs feel much less swollen after the workouts..."


Stabilizes Muscles & Joints

"I have bad knees, so I often wear knee supports when I exercise... I don't need to put on extra knee supports for running anymore."


Prevents Cramps

Reduced pressure on the lymphatic system makes it easier to eliminate toxins and excess fluid that cause cramps. 


Improves Posture

"WaveWear kept me positioned well and safely without removing any of my mobility, and it was comfortable and secure to boot." 


Enhances Performance

"I don't know what it is. But when I have it on it's tight in a good way and I feel safer for some reason. So when I push or pull I just seem to feel better, therefore I am lifting a heavier weight"

WaveWear Tests

Test 1. WaveWear is the best at relieving muscle fatigue

The value of WaveWear has been proven in a four-week clinical trial where WaveWear(adhesive silicone on compression) was compared with (1) compression; (2) compression and kinesiology tape; (3) non-adhesive silicone on compression. By dividing the break time, exercise time, and recovery time, a blood test was taken to measure lactic acid accumulation, respectively. Although lactic acid accumulation is not the direct cause of muscle fatigue, lactic acid is present along with it. The results showed that WaveWear reduced the lactic acid by up to 35%, which is the highest figure compared to control groups.

Test 2. WaveWear provides 3x more compression on the joints

provides 3x more compression on joints fiti2.PNG

Since WaveWear's adhesive taping product was developed, we have conducted pressure comparison tests. The results showed that WaveWear had the largest difference between pressure measured in the sitting and standing postures, by about threefold. It means that WaveWear's built-in adhesive silicone supports joints well (shown by the greatest pressure measured in the bent position), but less pressure in the standing posture means that WaveWear is comfortable (least pressure) when the joint is not in action. Major compression leggings brands that were compared showed that there was less compression when bending the joints.  


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