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Stronger and stronger. WaveWear K2 is releasing knee sleeves!

Hello, we're WaveWear!

Reflecting the feedback from customers on "WaveWear K1 Knee Sleeve",

We have released a new K2 knee sleeve.

If K1 was designed with more focus on the compartment box,

the new K2 shows stronger pressure.

The WaveWear K2 knee sleeve

The newly released WaveWear, K2 knee sleeve.

As it was designed and produced with feedback from Yves who are looking for stronger pressure,

WaveWear K2 knee guards show stronger pressure than previous K1.

The newly released K2 will be launched by Wadiz this time.

We offer additional purchase discounts to Eve who purchased first, so please visit now!

What's the difference between K1 knee sleeves?

left is the K1 knee sleeve and right is the new K2 knee sleeve

WaveWear K1 knee sleeves are comfortable to wear and light to use daily.

Ideally, the K2 knee sleeve is more ideal for stronger pressure and shorter use.

It contains antibacterial fabrics, making it ideal for sports activities.

Also, to prevent K1 from falling below the knees during activities,

There's a silicone band at the top of the knee sleeve. K2 has the top of the knee sleeve,

There's a silicone band at the bottom, so it slides even if you do intense movements.

It is designed to prevent it from being rolled up and upside down.

Design a silicone band so that it doesn't slip or roll up.

The overall design looks similar, but the K2 has one more "black circle" on the silver circle on the outside of the knee sleeve, indicating that it has two circles. K1 has one black circle. In the second half of this year, "WaveWear Clothing" was also released on "Global Crowdfunding Platform Kickstarter". It is finally scheduled to be released. Get a release alarm and get a discount on pre-orders! If you press here, Go to the WaveWear Clothing Kickstarter Email Alarm Registration Page. We are also preparing a lot for a smooth launch, so please look forward to it.

Thank you!


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