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The location of each type of sleeve protector and planned news.

Hello, waves.

With Yves' support, we successfully launched the new Forearm Sleeve F1 at Wadiz.

After that, encore funding has been carried out continuously, and it will be closed soon.

If you are interested in purchasing it, you can still go to Wadiz Link and purchase it at a discounted price.

WaveWear sleeves began selling in earnest in late spring of 2018 last year, and it's already been more than a year.

Time seems to go faster than I thought.

The garment schedule that we originally planned to release continues to be delayed due to the last prototype production and production schedule.

We are having a busy schedule to introduce you to the global crowdfunding site Kickstarter soon.

Clothing will be in the form of women and men's clothing, and in the case of women, it will be in the form of sleeveless, leggings, and in the case of men, it will be in the form of sleeveless, T-shirt, and leggings. We are looking forward to it even more because the T-shirt will be more special with shoulder taping.

Four sleeves have already been gathered, and the "wrist" sleeve protector and "ankle" that many people requested will soon be released, so please pay a lot of attention.

Thank you for reading the long article. Be careful of the heat. Thank you always.

diagram of where each compression sleeve would be worn


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