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[Wadiz is about to open] Golf, tennis elbow taping, Forearm sleeve.

Golf elbow taping, tennis elbow taping guard WaveWear Forearm Sleeve has posted a page scheduled to open at Wadiz!

Hello, we're Wave Company!

Today, WaveWear's new model Forearm Sleeve will be introduced for the first time in Wadiz, and we would like to inform you.

a female golfer wearing the wavewear elbow sleeve

Jeonghan Narae, a professional golfer and WaveWear, Forearm sleeve.

The image above is a directed image (from the left, WaveWear golfer sleeve, golfer sleeve heart edition, and adhesive silicon inside the golfer sleeve) and the actual product consists of a single product.

The product above is WaveWear Forearm Sleeve.

As you can see in Wadiz, WaveWear Forearm Sleeve has professional golfers

Golf elbow taping and tennis elbow taping developed from the start.

It's a taping sleeve.

WaveWear developed bio-adhesive silicon that can be printed on fabric.

Developed taping functional clothing, current WaveWear calf protector, WaveWear elbow protector,

WaveWear knee pads are on sale on the market.

Many people use different parts and different taping treatments.

I requested various products.

One of them is golf elbow taping and tennis elbow taping.

Forearm Sleeve has been released first

inside view of the silicon on the elbow compression sleeve

Inside Forearm sleeve. - Taping image

Unlike conventional calves, elbows, and knee guards, it's not common at all.

It's a taping protector.

Since it's a new taping protector,

There were a lot of trials and errors.

I had to test if it was effective.

To this end, with current golfers,

We'll come up with ideas, make samples, wear them, and reflect the feedback.

We developed it.

WaveWear Forearm Sleeve was born like that!

Of course, it was taped in golf elbow taping and tennis elbow taping patterns,

You don't have to wear it only for golf and tennis! Any activity that uses forearm muscles is helpful. If necessary, turn the product around and wear it.

It's a protector that's okay to move the taping position outward, not outward.

another female golfer wearing the wavewear compression elbow sleeve

Lee Yumi Professional Golfer - Wearing: WaveWear golfer Forearm sleeve heart edition

WaveWear Forearm Sleeve, which was created like that, is about to open for the first time in Wadiz.

Currently, the page to be opened has been posted.

Wadiz WaveWear Forearm Sleeve. Go straight to the page!

And for this funding, the knee pads that we did last time,

We have also prepared a calf protector.

I hope you buy Wadiz products at a lower price than usual.

WaveWear knee protector!

(left) WaveWear knee sleeve "inside" bio adhesive silicone taping, (right) "appearance" image.

The basic reward of the WaveWear knee sleeve consists of "1 piece" (1 piece).

WaveWear calf guards consist of a pair (1 pair).

In addition to Forearm sleeves, knee guards and calf guards are also available.

And if you apply for the Wadiz event and fund it, through a raffle,

We're doing an event where we give free WaveWear knee pads to five of you.

Please show a lot of interest! Haha

I'll leave a link again.


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