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Warming up sports cream. Good reviews among athletes.

Wave Company's "Activity Boosting Performance Warm-up Cream" that produces functional performance wear.

(hereinafter referred to as "warm-up sports cream") is receiving favorable reviews among athletes.

On the left is a man mid air on a dirt bike, in the middle is an advertisement of warm up sports cream and on the right is a woman stretching her leg in a field

The warm-up sports cream launched by Wave Company in March this year reduces skin irritation and

It is a sports cream with enhanced performance promotion effects.

If you use it before wearing wavewear or sports taping, it prevents damage to your skin.

It shows the warm-up effect.

It prevents skin irritation that can occur due to frequent showers and sweat after exercising,

It is based on madecasoside raw materials and helps strengthen skin barriers.

Athletes who have used warm-up sports cream since its launch have received favorable reviews.

Yoon Joon-soo, a member of the BMX cycling national team, said, "After exercising, I applied wavewear activity sports cream, and it didn't irritate or burn, and it smelled good."

High jump player Seo Jong-hwi (Korea National Sport University) said, "I used cream before warming up jogging and finishing jogging." It's easy to massage, so I applied it while massaging. It feels like my body is warming up.

I got it. "After the promotion, I did the final stretching and applied it in a recovery way.

"I felt okay," he said.

Lauren Brzozowski, a member of the U.S. national bobsleigh youth team,

"It's new because it's not too hot when you apply it".

"At first, I thought it wasn't different from normal lotion, but after applying sports cream,

It has become easier to wear wavewear, a functional performance clothing, he said.

Warm-up sports cream contains bottle grass extract.

Bottle grass (tiger grass) is a perennial grass that grows in the southern part of the Korean Peninsula and is known to be effective in anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, regenerative, and wound recovery.

Warm-up sports cream helps warm-up with proper heat and has a refreshing moisturizing effect without stickiness.

Warm-up sports cream is designed to boost athletic capabilities and increase exercise efficiency.

Warm-up sports cream can be purchased at the official Wavewear Mall.

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