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Wave Company to Participate in 'Seoul Tech Meetup Year-End Networking Day'... Introduces the 'TracMe' Platform, CES 2024 Innovation Award Honoree!

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Wave Company Ltd. (CEO Nancy Cho) announced its participation in the 'Seoul Tech Meetup Year-End Networking Day' event, which will be held on December 30th (Saturday) on the 3rd floor of the Design Lab at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) in Seoul.

Wave Company is a domestic enterprise that has been researching and developing smart clothing products based on smart textile new materials, contributing to the optimization of human movement. Their textile new materials not only provide differentiated functionality but also offer users comfort, durability, and washability as a superior clothing material.

Furthermore, Wave Company has incorporated its unique compression and kinesiology taping techniques into its clothing and protective gear. This enhances the athletic performance offered by their product line while simultaneously strengthening injury prevention effects, establishing new standards in the fields of sports tech and smart wear.

At the upcoming Networking Day event, Wave Company will showcase its own exercise platform, 'TracMe', designed and manufactured based on its in-house technology. This platform includes smart clothing that precisely measures data such as ECG, EMG, and EEG, compatible with existing biometric measurement devices, and a mobile application that compiles and analyzes various data to provide tangible information to the user.

The TracMe platform is particularly effective in quantitatively measuring exercise based on the number of movements of specific body parts of the user during physical activity. This functionality utilizes an AI model developed by Wave Company, allowing users to maintain high engagement in their workouts and acquire information necessary for correct exercise.

Provided by Wave Company

A representative from Wave Company stated, 'While other wearable products and platforms require manual input by users for tracking repetition-based exercises, our TracMe platform automates this process, offering the advantage of precise exercise tracking without the hassle.' They emphasized, 'Due to such advanced functionality, it was selected for an Innovation Award at the upcoming CES 2024 in Las Vegas this January.'

Furthermore, the representative mentioned, 'Having demonstrated the competitiveness of the TracMe platform at global exhibitions like Vivatech 2023, we are currently exporting and selling in various countries including the USA, Australia, Japan, Germany, and Malaysia. We plan to deploy new sales strategies in Korea starting next spring and continue efforts to expand our export markets.'

Meanwhile, the 'Seoul Tech Meetup Year-End Networking Day', hosted by the Seoul Business Agency (SBA), is an event attended by Seoul Metropolitan Government, SBA, Seoul Tech Meetup member companies, R&D companies, investors, and IR participants. The event includes signing a memorandum of understanding for the creation and collaboration of the 'Seoul-style R&D Innovation Ecosystem' between SBA and Seoul Tech Meetup, presentations of excellent cases from three companies including Road System Ltd., which received the CES 2024 Top Innovation Award, demonstrations of advanced technologies by robotics companies, the '2023 Seoul Tech Meetup Startup Challenge' for Seoul-based tech startups seeking investment, and awards for companies that have contributed to the Seoul-style R&D support projects.

2023 Seoul Tech Meetup Year-End Networking Day On-site Sketch | Filmed and Edited by AVING News

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