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Wave Company Unveils TracMe at CES 2024: A Smart Movement-Tracking Fitness Solution

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January 9-12, 2024 – Venetian Expo, Hall G, Eureka Park, Booth 62738, Las Vegas

At CES 2024, Wave Company, a pioneer in sports and smart apparel technology from Seoul, South Korea, is excited to present TracMe, our smart fitness solution featuring motion-tracking sleeves and an app. TracMe, also a CES Innovation Award Honoree in Digital Health, is poised to make a significant impact in the realm of digital health and fitness technology. The event, located at the Eureka Park section of the Venetian Expo, perfectly embodies the transformative role of technology in enhancing global well-being, mirroring Wave Company's mission.

About Wave Company

Wave Company stands at the forefront of innovation for advancing human movement, specializing in the development of stretchable silicone textile technology for clothing. From their brand WaveWear, beloved by sports enthusiasts for its compression wear with built-in kinesiology taping, Wave Company has scaled up their stretchable silicone textile to smart silicone textile and expanded into the smart wear field as well.

Introducing TracMe: A Revolution in Fitness Tracking

As a Smart, Effective, Data-Driven Fitness Solution, TracMe is Wave Company’s latest foray into tech-enhanced fitness, featuring smart knee and elbow sleeves embedded with movement-tracking sensors. These advanced sensors meticulously capture exercise data, synergizing with the TracMe App to offer users a personalized fitness experience that provides a level of detailed analytics and workout progress insights using AI. This integration of technology into everyday fitness gear aligns perfectly with today's needs for customized and efficient workout solutions.

The Inspiration Behind Creating TracMe

TracMe was created with the vision of integrating technology seamlessly into people's fitness routines, addressing the challenge of navigating the abundance of fitness information. Our aim is to empower individuals to find and engage in exercises that are specifically tailored to their needs, enhancing their health and wellness journey. With TracMe, we wanted to provide not just personalized exercise recommendations but also easily accessible workout analysis. By blending technology with comfort in TracMe, we aspire to make a lasting impact in the market and significantly improve the well-being of our users.

Expanding Horizons: From Home to Gym

Initially focusing on home training workouts, TracMe offers a diverse library of over through their database of over 70 workout routines and over 100 step-by-step how to exercise videos, catering to various fitness levels and preferences. Wave Company envisions expanding TracMe's capabilities to include gym workouts, aiming to offer a versatile and all-encompassing fitness experience.

TracMe's Competitive Edge

Distinct from its competitors, TracMe’s motion-tracking sensors in knee and elbow sleeves directly capture precise exercise data from the limbs. The integration of silicone textile sensors enhances comfort, durability, washability, and affordability. In contrast to traditional fitness tracking apps that require manual workout logging, TracMe's app stands out with its automatic data accumulation, simplifying the user experience and adding convenience.

What to Expect at Our CES Booth

Join Wave Company, in partnership with the Korea National IT Industry Promotion Agency, at CES for a showcase of their innovations and products.

  1. TracMe - Try on the TracMe knee sleeves, and see how it tracks your movement in real-time.

  2. ElecSuit - Come experience our smart wear, ElecSuit sleeve while playing VR. Immerse yourself in the game and feel every interaction with life-like haptic feedback.

  3. WaveWear - Take advantage of our exclusive promotion for WaveWear, our specialized line of compression wear designed for sports enthusiasts. Featuring built-in kinesiology taping, WaveWear offers a range of compression garments and sleeves that cater to exercise enthusiasts. Users say they feeling noticeably lighter and experiencing enhanced movement the next day.

Experience these innovations and more at the Venetian Expo, Hall G, Eureka Park, Booth 62738.

Seeking for Partnership Opportunities at CES

At CES, Wave Company is actively seeking partnerships to expand and diversify the reach of our innovative product lines:

  1. TracMe - We are looking for distribution partners, collaborative opportunities, and tech licensing deals for our unique movement-tracking stretchable silicone textile.

  2. ElecSuit - We are eager to explore partnerships across various industries, including health, medical, sports, training, gaming, and VR, to implement our technology, as well as opportunities for tech licensing of our stretchable conductive silicone textile.

  3. WaveWear - We are open to distribution, sales, and collaboration opportunities.

Through strategic partnerships, we aim to enhance the scope and impact of our products, bringing our cutting-edge technology to new markets and applications.

Wave Company's presentation of TracMe at CES 2024 is a significant step in advancing tech-enabled personal wellness and fitness. TracMe's innovative approach, from personalized home training workouts to AI-driven insights, positions Wave Company as a frontrunner in the evolving landscape of digital health and fitness.

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