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WaveWear Forearm Sleeve Launches Rad Calf Sleeve [2019 Munich ISPO Fair]

[2019 Munich ISPO Fair] WaveWear Forearm Sleeve, Launched Calves Sleeve.

This year, I also participated in ISPO 2019, the world's best sports fair. It was more than 12 hours of flight time, but I was so happy to introduce WaveWear at ISPO.

A lot of people go to the fair.

Shall we go to Espo 2019 Munich, the mecca of the sports industry?

A crowded set of escalators going up to the convention center

The ISPO exhibition hall is really large.

After passing through several booths, we arrived at B3 Hall, where Wave Company's booth is located.

A busy hallway at the convention center

WaveWear attracted attention throughout the exhibition.

Buyers around the world, including Europe and the United States, were surprised by the technology of WaveWear, the world's first sports taping sleeve.

A man talking to Nancy at the booth for WaveWear

Launching Forearm Sleeve (for golf and tennis)

The event launched a new WaveWear Forearm Sleeve (for golf and tennis). Forearm Sleeve has taping formed inside the arm, so it brings the best performance in exercises that require instantaneous and rapid arm strength, such as golf and tennis.

In this ISPO, I was interested in Forearm Sleeve for this product, and I purchased it from the Norwegian ski unit and am testing it.

A display of a mannequin arm wearing the elbow compression sleeve

Launched the RAD calf sleeve.

Following the reflective black product, the Rad calf sleeve was developed and the product was launched in Munich, ISPO 2019. RAD is in colorful colors and is supported by fashion-conscious sports people. In particular, as RAD products are produced, it is characterized by the ability to utilize kinetic taping sleeves in harmony with the color of each team's uniforms such as baseball, basketball, and volleyball.

And polyaskin, the newly applied material in RAD, is a high-quality material for rash guards and swimsuits, so you can exercise with sports taping even when you actually swim.

displays of 3 different compression sleeves for the calf

A lot of various events were held in Espo.

Isn't sports a more wonderful activity because it's really fun and we're together?

A crowd listening to a woman explain her companies products

I was able to see a performance of playing drums in the hallway. It's really exciting.

a group of workers displaying their electric drum products

Sports people around the world are congratulating us on the launch of our product.

We'll continue to show great performances in the future.~ Please look forward to it.^^


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