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With a VR haptic suit, Wave Company creates an immersive gaming experience…

As VR technology evolves, the need for more realistic and immersive content grows. Wave Company, a South Korean startup, has developed a VR haptic suit to make VR more vivid.

top half is showing a guy playing on VR linked to the Elecsuit, bottom half is showing where the adhesive silicon pads are placed in the suit

With its compression wear brand ‘WaveWear’, Wave Company Ltd. is a sports tech startup that produces and sells innovative sportswear and smartwear through the development of cutting-edge bio-silicone materials to provide an active lifestyle without worrying about pain and injury.

Wave Company has developed EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) training wear called ElecSuit based on its own conductive silicone (ElecSil) and is producing exercise VR content using product characteristics.

Currently, Indiegogo, a global crowdfunding site, is funding a ‘VR haptic’ suit that combines VR with an ‘EMS’ suit.

The VR haptic suit, ElecSuit, is made as a two-channel device that connects with four electrodes generating electrical stimulation. (사진)

Compared to the previous version of the one-channel device connecting with two electrodes, the two-channel device makes it possible to provide more diverse haptic feedback regions with fewer devices than before.

“Using ElecSuit, users can access VR content, resulting in a more realistic VR environment,” an official from Wave Company said. When a user grabs an object by hand in a VR environment, electrical stimulation occurs at the electrode of the arm part of the suit. This gives the impression that the object is actually held in their hands.

Earlier in 2021, Wave Company submitted its VR content to the VR Sports Room Content Contest organized by the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation with the purpose of providing educational content for students. This VR content combines a screen and touch sensor with an ElecSuit. Multiples players can play at the same time without using a personal VR device, which can improve student cooperation and agility.

“We are researching and developing sensory VR contents that can provide experience of different EMS waveforms using ElecSuit,” said Nancy Cho, CEO of Wave Company. “ElecSuit will be compatible with various VR devices, such as Meta Quest, which has a high market share around the world, and link them with various contents, such as games, video, manufacturing, medical, and education.”

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