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Technology& Product

Let's improve your movement together. 

We create innovative technology and apparel with compression and muscle support clothing, created with our proprietary bio-silicone technologies that recreate the effect kinesiology taping has shown through our technologies BWAS™ and ElecSil™ and our brand WaveWear.


We have developed a medical-grade silicone base layer with unique adhesive properties to provide support and stabilization without restricting freedom of movement. Our goal is to protect people from injury, help them heal faster and get back in action sooner.


Our signature product is clothing with built-in kinesiology taping using our proprietary bio-silicone technology BWAS. WaveWear allows people to move actively for workouts and exercise without the fear of pain and injury. 

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ElecSil's conductive silicone technology is a breakthrough that offers highly accurate skin resistance biometric data, which can be used in numerous fields such as education, medical, gaming etc. 

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