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Selected as a mass challenge finalist.

Logos of both the MassChallenge and WaveWear, side by side

Wave Company (CEO Jo Na-yeon), which developed sports taping compression wear, was selected as the 2021 finalist at Mass Challenge US, called the Startup Olympics, on the 28th of last month. Wave Company is the sixth company in Korea to be selected as a mass challenge finalist.

It is Asia's first sportswear brand to become a mass challenge finalist.

Companies that have become finalists will receive intensive mentoring in the U.S. for four months.

At this time, you will be given a chance to choose a five-member mentor.

This year's mentoring will be conducted non-face-to-face in the aftermath of the new coronavirus (COVID-19).

CEO Cho mentoring not only sports tech but also space through non-face-to-face mentoring.

I'm planning to get it. You can only get mentoring for one category, but since it's a non-face-to-face event,

I can add more.

Professors from famous universities such as Harvard are often in charge of mentors, so they can seize difficult business meetings in Korea. The total sales of 2,900 companies that have been mentoring so far are $3.6 billion (about 4.733 trillion won),

It has created more than 186,000 jobs. Mass Challenge was applied by more than 3,000 teams around the world this year.

In Austin, which runs the sports tech sector, 30 teams beat the competition rate of 100:1 as a finalist.

It has risen. It is selected based on public influence, suitability, and feasibility.

Wave Company was selected as a finalist in recognition of its high-tech technology.

"It was an opportunity to check our technology and growth potential," said Jonahyeon, CEO of Wave Company.

"My goal is to prepare well for the next four months and be selected as an excellent team," he said.

Wave Company uses wave-patterned adhesive silicon BWAS™ (Bio Wave Adhesive Silicon) technology.

It is developing and producing and selling wavewear.

BWAS™ sticks well like pain relief patches and is maintained even when washed, so it can be used semi-permanently.

Wavewear can have a sports taping effect just by wearing it.

Currently, Wave Company has developed Elecsil™, a conductive silicon technology.

It plans to enter the medical field.

The electronic chamber can be attached to the inside of the garment to measure body information such as electrocardiogram and electromyogram.

It is silicon that can emit electrons when connected to EMS devices.

It can be connected to various wearable senses. It can be used in VR and metal industries in the future.

Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) clothing will be released this year. In collaboration with AI companies,

It is developing EMS clothing that can measure heart rate, muscles, and body temperature.

In collaboration with Chung-Ang University's Department of New Material Engineering and Soongsil University's Department of Materials Engineering, the cold and warm senses in VR situations.

It is also developing smart clothing that can be felt.

Mass Challenge is the world's largest startup competition.

Source: Korea Textile Newspaper (


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