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Wave Company, Kyung Hee University, and "WaveWear" conduct clinical trials related to elderly assist

Until the end of this year, Wave Company will be at Kyung Hee University's Aged-Friendly Convergence Research Center

Support for the elderly for WaveWear, a brand specializing in high functional clothing.

We're going to conduct a clinical trial!

Left is a close up of wavewear calf tape leggings and right side is two people jogging in wavewear attire

Wave Company was selected as a company participating in the "2020 Healing Care Product Service Demonstration Test Support" by the biocenter of the Kyung Hee Economic Science Promotion Agency.

Demonstrate healing care through clinical trials on improving athletic ability of products involving 20 people.

We are building a support platform.

Taping is used in the field of physical therapy because it is effective in pain relief and rehabilitation.

However, taping is disposable, so a lot of trash comes out and requires professional help when using it.

There was a disadvantage of peeling off when sweating.

Wave Company tried to solve the shortcomings of the existing taping and its advantages are

Numerous studies have been conducted to melt it into the product as much as possible.

WaveWear developed by Wave Company is a product that combines the advantages of taping and functional clothing.

It helps wearer perform more comfortably and prevents injuries.

WaveWear is used in many research institutes in Korea.

It is a product developed after 5 years of research in collaboration with universities, and wave Company's BWAS™

(Bio Waved Adhesive Silicon) technology has been applied.

BWAS™ is a technology that combines internal adhesive silicon with functional clothing.

It's characterized by the fact that you can tap it just by wearing clothes!

Shows that the kinesiology tape in the leggings goes above the knee, below the knee and on the back of the calves, also on the lower back for shirts

Another advantage of WaveWear is durability.

In a strong washing test that can determine product durability

WaveWear rarely causes damage to the silicone area and shows strong durability.

WaveWear was tested with professional players and professional baseball teams.

It's 80% adhesive force of kinesiology tape.

In addition to the taping effect, it reduces lactic acid (fatigue) and recovers after exercise.

It has proven to have an excellent effect.

The material used in the product is harmless to the human body.

Antibacterial processing has been added to the fabric, and Wave Company conducts all manufacturing processes directly.

Wave Company is based on this technology, 2018 European Medical In.

I got first grade in "CE Medical Class".

Currently, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is about to approve medical certification.


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