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Wave Company participates in Europe's largest startup conference 'SLUSH 2022'

Big billboard advertising Slush conference is a wallpaper of different textures

Wave Company (CEO Nancy Cho) announced that it will participate in “SLUSH 2022”, the largest startup event in Northern Europe, to be held in Helsinki, Finland from Thursday 17th November to Friday 18th November. It plans to focus on preparing for events such as IR pitching, and an investment attraction briefing.

By developing high-performance bio-silicone materials, Wave Company develops sportswear and smartwear that provide a pleasant exercise life without worrying about pain or injury.

With its compression wear brand ‘WaveWear’, Wave Company converts disposable sports tapes into reusable adhesive silicone (BWAS) and combines them with clothing and protectors.

The exclusive patent material technology “BWAS” is in the form of silicone, but it maintains adhesion even after washing and flexibly adheres to the skin even if you sweat, officials explained. In addition to providing three times stronger and more flexible support on the joints with a smart compression system, it also takes an auto-fit sports taping method that is naturally applied to the location where taping is needed when worn.

So, anyone can benefit from sports taping.

In state-approved clinical trials, muscle fatigue was relieved 35% more than with other compression wear, allowing exercise for longer without getting tired.

“ElecSil”, a flexible conductive bio-silicone with some adhesion and elasticity, will be introduced in “SLUSH 2022” for medical applications. “The electrocardiogram of the mouse’s small heart is sophisticated enough to measure and has excellent durability, such as maintaining skin adhesion after washing,” explained CEO Jonahyeon.

Additionally, she stated, “ElecSuit, a wearable smartwear applied with ElecSil, is an electrical haptic, which not only integrates well with the fabric, but it is also soft and very thin, so it feels comfortable to wear even though it is a functional garment.” Further, the low resistance value makes it ideal for raw data collection and transmission, and it comes at a more competitive price.

It also provides a more immersive gaming experience and will be commercialized in medical fields such as physical therapy by using it for electrocardiogram and electromyography in the future.

In addition, you can check out VR haptic suits that combine VR with Electrical Muscle Stimulation(EMS) suits on Indigogo, a global crowdfunding site. As a result of Jeonbuk Techno Park XR Development Support Center’s support, the VR haptic suit combines technologies that reproduce different senses, such as touch, into sports. This is so that wearers can experience both fun and exercise.

We plan to expand not only sports but also industrial areas such as haptic, education, medical, industry, and gaming in the future. According to an official at Wave Company. “We look forward to various technology exchanges and investment opportunities at Slush.”

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