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Wave Company's "WaveWear", approved by the US FDA Medical Device and obtained permission to sell it.

Wave Company's compression silicone taping wear brand "WaveWear"

For 4 types of products including L20 compressor top and bottom and sleeve,

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved and approved for sale of Medical Class 1!

FDA stamp of approval on wavewear

Previously, sports taping techniques had to be carried out by sports medical experts.

Tape was also disposable, so I had to throw it away after using it once.

WaveWear omits the process through experts,

Just by wearing it, you can see the same effect as Kinesiology Tape Therapy

WaveWear is a technology that applies bio-adhesive silicon to the inside of the fabric (BWAS™).

It relieves pain, breaks down lactic acid effectively, and improves exercise ability along with wearing it.

Also, if you wash it after using it, the function will come back to life.

Time and cost of taping therapy (based on exercise once a week)

It can be easily effective by lowering it by more than 80% per year.

Apply appropriate pressure and taping so that there is no inconvenience in wearing it.

It covers your muscles and skin in a good mood.

It is a functional garment that improves exercise skills along with the role of a protector.

Wave Company CEO Jo Na-yeon said,

"It's meaningful to combine material technology with clothing to promote overseas".

Few companies develop sports products or clothing in Korea.

"We want to promote our products widely overseas," he said.

WaveWear has obtained FDA Medical Class 1 approval and approval.

We will continue to greet you with WaveWear that you can trust with better products and quality. 😊

You can check out the detailed news at the link below!

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