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WaveWear Kinesiology Sports Taping Calf Sleeve RAD

WaveWear Kinesiology Sports Taping Calf Sleeve RAD

Hello, we're #WaveCompany.

Today, the first product released by WaveWear, the RAD series, has been renewed.

I'd like to introduce the newly born RAD calf sleeve!

When the WaveWear first launched the RAD calf sleeve,

Due to the complicated sewing process and fabric issues,

It was released after many trials and errors.

a woman putting on the QuickFit compression calf sleeve

Perhaps that's why I'm more attached to this product.

It has a variety of colors to add stylishness.

Using rash guard fabric,

It's made of polyaskin fabric to make it lighter.

Let me introduce the calf sleeve RAD where you can feel strong pressure.

a woman wearing the QuickFit compression calf sleeve

▲ WaveWear RAD calf sleeve video.

The energy that you can see immediately and the elasticity of your body!

It's comfortable to wear under appropriate pressure.

No cumbersome taping! Let's wear it easily!

Use non-toxic medical silicone that is harmless to the human body.

Sports taping

Silicone printed on WaveWear implements a sports taping effect.

This is also called #kinesiology taping, and it supports muscles and joints.

It reduces the risk of injury.

It has a taping effect easily and quickly to catch the vibration of the muscles.

In addition, it inhibits lactic acid generated during exercise and increases endurance.

This has been proven through experiments.

WaveWear provides the best performance just by wearing it without any hassle.

WaveWear # calf protector provides adequate pressure on non-excessive areas.

This promotes blood circulation and minimizes discomfort when wearing it.

WaveWear's unique original technology!

Semi-permanent taping.

Adhesive silicone

- The adhesive silicon developed by WaveWear is printed inside the sleeve.

It adheres to the skin, the wearing area, to catch unnecessary vibration of the muscles at the same time as appropriate pressure.

This effect reduces lactate secretion, reduces swelling,

It helps reduce the risk of injuries that may occur during exercise.

- Adhesive silicone can be used semi-permanently.

WaveWear was confirmed that there was no damage to the silicone after 50 washing tests.

- WaveWear is made of non-toxic medical silicone that passed the cytotoxicity test.

- WaveWear does not leave any residue or stick to the skin even after wearing it.

Functional fabric.

- Using functional fabric, in any situation,

It provides a comfortable and pleasant fit for users.

With four-way stretch fabric, you can feel the best elasticity even during intense exercise.

The soft fabric is not irritating,

It is comfortable and light, so you can wear it without any inconvenience in your daily life.

- WaveWear fabric secured 81.4 mm/s breathability,

It has the same degree of breathability as a regular cotton T-shirt.

It is designed not to be a thick and uncomfortable protector, but to take into account the user's comfort and flatness.

It is very easy to dry after washing with light and thin fabric.

The movement of the muscles to send blood flow back to the heart is called #milking action.

That's why calves are also called the second heart.

If you sit or stand for a long time, your blood flow won't be smooth.

Swelling or severe legs can cause varicose veins.

WaveWear calf sleeve helps smooth calf milking.

It gives constant stimulation to the calves.

So, even if you don't work out, you can stand up for a long time.

For the customers who sit down for a long time,

I recommend WaveWear calves protector.

Details of the calf protector.

Calves protector size table

WaveWear staff's Realistic reviews.

"M and L sizes were both good.

I wore M size for a short period of time for strong exercise, and L size was good for long-term hiking or trekking.

It was made of cold fast dry fabric, so I wore it during trekking, but it was summer, so I could feel the coolness when I sprayed water."

"My legs often swell because I have to sit down for a long time, but I feel like my swelling is decreasing a lot.

For me, if I wear it for more than 5 hours, it's too tight on the band, so up and down.

It was helpful to push or pull about 1cm each and adjust it little by little."

"It's good to hold your calves well." Even if I wear it and run around for a long time, I hardly feel calf muscle pain.

I think it would be good to wear it regularly."

"The size M is just right for me. I tried jumping rope and running with size M on.

It's definitely much more comfortable than before wearing it. The number of jump roping has increased.

It's very good."

"Size L had the best pressure and fit. When I ran after wearing the product, I went to the playground.

Running three to four laps causes tremors in my legs, but when I ran with them on, I didn't feel such tremors.

The next day, muscle pain was greatly reduced, so it was very good."

"Overall, it was nice to have pressure. I think the product itself is kind of long, so I'll go all the way to the ankle ankle bone.

"I came down, but when I fixed it with my socks, I could use it without any problems."

WaveWear is a technology company that maintains a 15% or more ratio of R&D to sales.

The ratio of researchers to the company's workforce is focusing on more than 30% of research.

WaveWear is a product created through six years of technology development.

Not only domestic patents, but also products related to more than 10 countries including the United States, Japan, and Europe.

It is a product that has obtained various licenses.

It is also a product that has obtained CE medical grade recognized by the EU, so use it with confidence!


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