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WaveWear's adhering silicone washing method.

Hello, we're WaveWear.

After purchasing our WaveWear products or before purchasing them,

How is it possible to reuse taping clothes?compared with

I've been asking about how to wash it.

So, WaveWear uses various laundry tests

I would like to inform you of the most optimized washing method for adhesive silicon.

First of all, the best management method is hand washing using a neutral detergent after use,

It's to dry it naturally.

However, the longer you use it, the less sticky it is.

This is a method I recommend at this time.

washing instructions for the wavewear sleeves
a gif of how something dry can cause the silicon to not stick, but when clean it is adhesive again

It's been used for a very long time,

If adhesion is not restored with a wet tissue or alcohol with strong washing power,

I recommend dry cleaning.

Usually, simple hand washing, tape, or alcohol can restore adhesion.

You can feel the silicone taping effect!

Wear WaveWear for a longer time with proper care,

Please maintain the taping effect while maintaining high adhesion.

Thank you. :)


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