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WaveWear x Way Chien Dragons baseball team and test monitoring!

left side is the wavewear logo and the right side is the Dragons logo

New sportswear that combines bio-silicon technology,

Reduce muscle fatigue by up to 35%. "Easy-to-wear kinesiology taping". Wear.

The Korean WaveWear and Taiwan's Wei Chen Dragon professional baseball team

In June, we started training wearing wavewear.

In the process, WaveWear was helped by Taiwan, a hyp-spin accelerator.

All the players on the Dragons baseball team test and wear wavewear.

I participated in the test monitoring.

E1 and E2's elbow sleeves, K2's knee sleeves,

This is the L20 Men's Compression Tights, which will be newly launched this year.

Top left is a catcher wearing the wavewear elbow sleeve, top right is a out fielder wearing the elbow sleeve, bottom left is a player lifting a barbell wearing the elbow sleeve and bottom right is the pitcher wearing the elbow sleeve

<Photo: Players wearing WaveWear E1 and E2 elbow sleeves during training>

The players said, "Wearing makes me feel better. I think I'm feeling better.";

"It's comfortable and breathable." "I hope it will be launched a lot because it's tights." I want to say this.

They showed a keen interest in wavewear, a new concept sportswear.

Wei Chen Dragons is a team belonging to the professional league of the Taiwan CPBL and is a popular team in the league.

Although there was a reason why this team had been away for many years,

With the continued interest and love of fans, Wayin Chouang, the founder of Dragons, is supported by Ting Chin Group.

He put the Dragons back on the fifth CPBL team.

As soon as he came back to the league, Wei said, "New heights, new spotlights, new technologies."

By nominating three visions, he became stronger along with his talent and emphasized his advance to the global stage.

"It was a really fun experience to work experimentally with Weizhan Dragons.

The feedback from the players also helps WaveWear bring better products to the market in the future.

I'm going to help.

I'm especially grateful to Cory of Dragons, and even delivered small feedback from the players.

And Rita from HYPE SPIN Accelerator, who checks if everything is going well,

Thank you to John Han, too.

Wave Company CEO Jonathan expressed his gratitude.

WaveWear is a new concept of sports clothing made with the concept of easy performance and recovery.

It is a performance wear that combines compression wear and kinesiology taping.

The BWAS bio-adhesive silicone inside is like kinesiology taping.

It adheres to the skin and holds the muscles and joints.

The entire pattern of clothing is ergonomically designed, so the user is under too much pressure.

Hold it comfortably so that it doesn't feel uncomfortable.

This year, it's shorter than E1, but the E2 elbow sleeve with improved function...

It's being launched through Wadiz.

This elbow sleeve E2 was loved the most by Dragons players.

The CEO of Wave Company, Jonathan, "We're finally launching and selling WaveWear clothing this year. It took years to develop wavewear. What I wanted to make was... It was comfortable and safe clothing to keep my body safe when exercising." I expressed my feelings about launching a new product. WaveWear reduces muscle fatigue by up to 35%. It is also effective in exercising that requires maximum endurance with clothing. Once the basic lineups of WaveWear, leggings, T-shirts, sleeveless shirts, shorts, etc. are developed, After that, we will also develop specialized sports products such as cycling, swimming, and triathlon. HYPE SPIN Accelerator has the largest pool of access to the global sports innovation ecosystem, global networking, and connections.


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