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We signed a sponsorship agreement with Asan FC in South Chungcheong Province!

Chungnam Asan FC signed a sponsorship agreement with Wave Company for "Sports Taping Clothing".

Chungnam Asan Professional Football Team (club owner Oh Se-hyun, hereinafter referred to as Chungnam Asan FC) on the 17th,

It has signed a sponsorship agreement with Wave Company, a sports taping clothing manufacturer.

Director of wave company and CEO of Asan Football team holding up official sponsor sign

From the left, Cho Ki-nam, director of Wave Company, and Lee Un-jong, CEO of Asan Professional Football Team in Chungnam.

With this sponsorship agreement, Chungnam Asan FC is sponsored by Wave Company's "Wavewear" products, installed A boards in the stadium, transmitted electronic display advertisements, and produced contents to promote Wave Company.

It will actively participate.

Wavewear is a sportswear with the concept of "Easy Performance, Recovery".

It was developed after about five years of research in collaboration with several domestic research institutes and universities.

The company's Bio Wavy Adhesive Silicon (BWAS) technology was applied to Wavewear.

This is a technology that can see the sports taping effect only by wearing clothes.

In addition, wavewear is designed ergonomically with the entire pattern of clothing, so users are under strong pressure.

It is characterized by holding the body so that it does not feel uncomfortable, and as a result of the company's own clinical trial,

Compared to wearing general functional wear, lactic acid accumulation is reduced by up to 35%.

It has proven to be effective in exercise that requires endurance.

Wavewear decreases muscle fatigue, increases exercise ability, decreases pain, and swelling, and after exercising,

Fast recovery is possible. In addition, it is possible to reduce the injury rate with less muscle loss due to muscle pressure.

We can expect Chungnam Asan FC players to perform their best on the field in the 2021 season.

Lee Un-jong, CEO of the Asan Professional Football Team in Chungnam, said, "I am grateful to have signed an agreement with Wave Company.

Thanks to the sponsorship, Asan FC players in Chungnam helped prevent injuries and improve their performance on the field.

"I look forward to performing the best," he said, expressing his feelings about signing the agreement.

Jonathan, CEO of Wave Company, said, "I'm happy that this agreement has been signed, and I'm glad that Asan FC, Chungnam, has hosted it,

Thank you. I hope 2021 will be the best year for each other by joining Wave Company and Chungnam Asan FC, he said.

Details of the club's sponsorship can be found on the official website of the Chungnam Asan Professional Football Team ( and on the club's SNS.

Reporter Choi Hyungsoon.

Source: Chungcheong News (


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