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WaveWear VR Gloves Project, the 14th Korea Sports Industry Awards S-IDEA Grand Prize.

On December 21, Wave Company's WaveWear VR electric gloves design was selected for the design project supported by the 14th Korea Sports Industry Awards S-IDEA 2018. Through a demo, we showed the direction of how the Waveware Electric Gloves design product will be used in the future.

A man playing around on a VR headset while officials watch

[WaveWear VR electric gloves demonstration scene.]

Lee Dong-seop and Kim Soo-min of the Bareunmirae Party of the Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee also participated in the event.

If you wear Wave Company's sleeves, you can have a realistic experience with the EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) function when you shoot and get hit in a combat VR game. Currently, it is in the form of a sleeve, but it will soon be made in the form of gloves, so you can feel a variety of senses based on click and drag feelings.

What are the biggest obstacles to the popular adoption of VR technology, according to a survey by Perkins Coie, a global US law firm?In the survey results of [1], 44% of people considered 'user experience' important. It tells us how important devices are to make it more realistic in VR.

[Reference: Karl, D. and Soderquist, K. (2018). 2018 Augmented & Virtual Reality Survey Report. PerkinsCoie. 2018 (]

[VR gloves, the winner of the 14th Korea Sports Industry Awards S-IDEA Awards.]

The most commonly used function as a VR tactile experience function is vibration haptic, which is also used in mobile phones, but when applying haptic using Electrotactile, theoretically ticklish feeling, brushing feeling, and sharp feeling can be implemented using waveforms, wavelengths, voltage, and current, which will be mainly used in the future virtual reality (AR) field.

Wave Company has been researching and developing adhesive bio-silicon technology for many years and mass production last year, which is elastic and does not fall off well from the fabric, and can be reused even after washing. Based on the original technology of Kinesiology Sports Taping Compression Wear, Wave Company has succeeded in developing conductive silicon that can be applied directly to clothing and safely through R&D and technology.


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